Message From Patron in-Chief's Desk

It is pertinent for any nation or community to strive hard to seek knowledge as its growth is depedent on level of education it has. In the down-turn of economy, education becomes key to socio-economy progress.

With over 70% of indian population resinding in villages it becomes important for us to reach out to them with quality education. As compared to other developing nations we have a sluggish growth in our literacy. The government has launched many schemes to fight illiteracy but unless the citizens take up the cause the task is difficult to achieve.

Maktabah Jafariyah is one of such initiative focused on the development of community through quality education. It is step forward in nation building by empowering people with right education. Here, we strive to bring out individuals who are knowledgeble as well as grounded to their roots. Here, knowledge is imparted without arrogance attached to it; people are shown the way to be successful with modesty towards their success; and the young generation is taught to be modern without giving up their traditional values.

Syed Mohammed Mujahid Husain Jafri

Patron In-Chief


Our Holy prophet of Islam (may peace and allah's blessings be upon him and his progency) has said; "Knowledge is the source of all virtue and ignorance is the source of all vice"

Imam Ali (may peace be upon him) has said; "Knowledgable is alive even if he is dead, and an ignorant person is dead even if he is alive"