Adult Education Programme

Modern-day India provides good enough opportunities to its citizens for education. But there was a time when education was a privilege of a selected few. Many remained uneducated due to lack of good institutions in their vicinity and lack of enough resources. With our 'Adult Education Programme' we are trying to address this issue. The Adult Education Programme includes the following courses:

Basic Concept of Computer System:

In order to help the uneducated adult understand the basics of computer system this course was started by Maktabah on 7th February 2011. Many adult villagers are deriving benefits from this course today.


Tailoring is an art which can be learnt and practiced and if pursued professionally it can be a good source of income. The tailoring course was started on 21st March 2010 with the objective of instilling confidence in women and opening a new income avenue for them. That objective was achieved as there are more than 180 women deriving benefits from this course.