Hi-tech agriculture-horticulture Training Centre

Though the rural community here is largely dependent on farming and dairy for its livelihood, the characteristics of this region like soil fertility, low and erratic rain fall, short and mild winters and very hot summers pose a major bottleneck for a healthy harvest of crops. The fast depletion of ground water and synchronization of agricultural land are other limiting factors for better agricultural growth and in such a situation a farmer is largely clueless in overcoming the above problems.

The need of the hour is to educate the farmers and introduce them to modern and advanced way of farming methods. Training in hi-tech agriculture-horticulture farming and dairy farming is planned in this centre for them. This will help to disseminate the technologies viz; conservation of natural resources, soil and water management, organic farming, protected cultivation of horticultural crops and equip them with a long-term solution for a thriving agriculture.