Haji Daudbhai Vajir Aghariya Jafari Arts & Commerce College

For the students who want to pursue their careers in the fields of arts and commerce we have the Haji Daudbhai Vajir Aghariya Jafari Arts & Commerce College. Haji Daudbhai Vajir Aghariya donated for building the college. It was started in June 2011 and is affiliated to the Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University. Currently approximately 170 students are studying here.

The College Facilities:

  • * Auditorium Hall
  • * Reading Hall
  • * Projector Room
  • * Sports Ground


Course Name : Art & Commerce
Course Description :

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Commerce

Syllabus Detail

Course Intake : 321
  • Course Rules and Regulations :

80% attendance is required.

They are expected to check notice board and follow the instruction strictly.

To seek a leave the students are advised to inform the college faculties before a day.

Fee Collection & refund is subject to the norms with Account Department.

The student are strictly prohibited to use mobile phones in the classroom

  • Course Eligibity Criteria :
Course Duration : 3 Years
  • Facilities :

* Multimedia Classroom Fully facilities.

* Free WiFi for student.

* Wide open play area with separate play ground enable with sports equipments.

* Furnished Computer Lab.

Admission Form : Available from College
Paper No. Name of subject Evaluation Weightage  
Internal External Total Credit
Theory Pratical Theory Pratical Theory Pratical

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