Dawood Haji Suleman Moose Jafari College of Science & Technology

Keeping pace with the changing trend in technical education, Maktabah Jafariyah introduced its B.SC. College in june 2014. The Dawood Haji Suleman Moose Jafari College of Science & Technology is affiliated with the Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University, Patan, The faculty of the college consists of well qualified and experienced professor.
Presently the college offers education of bachelor study in the Chemistry, Physics, Botany, Mathematics, and Microbiology like basic science subjects.

Facilities that we offer:

  • * Computer lab
  • * Multimedia room
  • * Fully-equipped laboratory
  • * Library with reliant books and magazines


Course Name : Bsc
Course Description :

Bachelor of Science (HNGU Recongnized)

Subjects: Physic, Mathematics(Eng.), Botany, Chemistry and Microbiology(Eng.) 

Syllabus Detail

Course Intake : 127
  • Course Rules and Regulations :

Multi Media mobile phone prohibited.

Compulsory Uniform


  • Course Eligibity Criteria :
12th SCi.
Course Duration : 3 Years
  • Facilities :

* Fully equipped laboratory.

* Multimedia room.

* Library.

* Sports ground

Admission Form : Available from College
Paper No. Name of subject Evaluation Weightage  
Internal External Total Credit
Theory Pratical Theory Pratical Theory Pratical

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