Home-Science Study Centre

Home-Science is not only concerned with the routine household work but its scope is much beyond that. Even a successful career can be imagined if it is pursued professionally. Maktabah Jafariyah has played a vital role in instilling the importance of the study of home science among its students who join this centre.

Annually 6-7 camps are conducted on Home Science covering various aspects at Maktabah Jafariyah premises where 50 women from nearby villages participate in each camp. Tips on proper child-care right from pregnancy till early infancy are given in these camps along-with the information on the kind of diet which should be given to children during various stages of growth and the required calorie intake. Mothers are also guided in understanding the Islamic discipline on the food habits of a child.

In order to encourage cottage industry, the participants are taught to prepare home-made pickles, sharbat and introduced to different kinds of cuisines. Participants are also taught to prepare bakery items by way of conducting industrial visits to different bakeries during these camps.

Occasionally these camps are also organized out of Maktabah Jafariyah premises at specific villages under its guidance. In these in-village camps the women are encouraged to share the cuisine prepared with their neighbors to enhance community bonding.