1. Kamaran Education Centre, Patan

Kamaran Education Centre came into existence on 20th November 1999,Saturday,at Patan with a ceremonial foundation day the presence of distinguished guest.

The Institute offers facility of Boy's & Girl's hostel through Kamaran Hostel and runs Jafari Primary School.

In all 2426 students have benefitted from Kamaran Education Centre,Patan Ahmed Vikas Mandal had dedicated this centre to Shia Jafari Momin Jamat on 20 November 2007.

   * Kamaran Boys' & Girls' Hostel
   * Jafari School
   * Kamaran Computer Education
   * Kamaran Health Help Service

2. Mashayakhi Hostel, Ahmedabad

Mashayakhi hostel started on 22nd June 2008 inside the campus of the tomb of Pir Mashayakh Bava(Rahematullah)at Ahmedabad.

The main aim of this boarding house is provide facility for staying and studying.

Total beneficiary students of this hostel are 260.

3. Momin Hostel, Modasa