Haji R.J.Sheliya Primary Jafari School (English Medium)

We work to nurture in our students excellence in professional education along with training them in the fields of arts, commerce, social science and humanities. Thus we offer a single window for educational development. Following are our different knowledge sources:

In June 2010 the Haji R. J. Sheliya Primary Jafari School were started at Maktabah Jafariyah. A noble patron of Maktabah Mr. R. I. Balsaniya donated the school building for the purpose.

Facilities that we offer:

  • * Fully-equipped Library
  • * Computer Laboratory with Internet
  • * Projector Room for E-Learning
  • * Sports Ground


Course Name : Primary School
Course Description :

This is course description.

Course Intake : 60
  • Course Rules and Regulations :

This is course rules.

  • Course Eligibity Criteria :
Course Duration : 3 months
  • Facilities :


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