I.D.Sheliya Secondary Jafari School

Right education at the right time helps the youth to channelize their energies constructively. Once a student successfully completes his primary education, we at Maktabah provide him with secondary education through the Haji Ibrahim Daud Sheliya Secondary Jafari School. It was started on June 2012 when a generous patron Mr. G. D. Gayakwad donated for the school building. Today, there are more than 26 students taking their secondary education here.

Infrastructural Facilities:

  • * Computer Laboratory with Internet facility
  • * Projector Room
  • * Well-Equipeed Library & Laboratery
  • * Sports Ground
  • * Community Hall
  • * Canteen
  • * Stationary Shop.


Course Name : Secondary School
Course Description :

9th & 10th (English Medium)

Course Intake : 128
  • Course Rules and Regulations :

Students are expected to strictly follow the college schedule. 

They should maintain cleanness of college building and campus. 

Students always carry the identity card. 

Students must follow uniform.

  • Course Eligibity Criteria :
Course Duration : 2 Years
  • Facilities :

* Compute Lab.

* Projector Room.

* Library

* Transportaion

Free form :
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Internal External Total Credit
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